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Water Heater Repairs, Replacements & Installations

All your laundry and dishwashing cycles and warm showers get disturbed when your water heating units break down. GM EnerTech values your comfort and strives every day to provide professional HVAC solutions, including reliable water heating unit solutions. Looking to replace or repair an old water heater, or looking to buy and install and new one, we are here to help you! .
Our professional team is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and trained to effectively satisfy all your water heating problems. We continuously train our team about water heating unit repair, replacement, and installation techniques to ensure quality services are delivered to our clients in Long Island, New York. .
Need help to fix, replace, or install a new water heater? .
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Water Heater Repairs

Your water heater may have run into some problem if the water temperature is not hot as you like it to be, usually during those cold winter mornings. As soon as you notice a malfunction, you must consult a professional examiner to inspect your water heater or fear flood homes and leaks. Some of the visible symptoms pointing towards water heater repairs are:

Inconsistent water temperatures Knocking sounds Water not heating up Water under the unit .
GM EnerTech Corp, our technicians are equipped with all the right tools to inspect your water heater for any potential damages. We determine your water heater’s problems and offer you a practical solution that is quick, pocket-friendly, and reliable.

Water Heater Replacements

It may be the right time to get your water replaced if it has already gone over multiple repairs in recent years. A good rule of thumb is: the average lifespan of a water heater is around 10 to 12 years; approximately 5 to 6 years is the halfway point. If the repair cost exceeds the actual replacement cost, our technicians will offer you a pocket-friendly financial solution suggesting replacing the heater. .
Compared to older water heating units, the modern ones are considered more useful as they provide a consistent stream of hot water for extended periods. This helps you save the extra energy bills and takes the burden off your monthly utilities. Modern water heaters have a longer lifespan to prevent frequent breakdowns. .

Are you looking for professional services to get your water heater replaced? GM EnerTec Corp can help you select from a wide range of available water heating appliances with different features fitting your needs. .
We help you chose a new water heating unit that fits your budget and lifestyle. Some of the most popular choices you have are: .
TANKLESS WATER HEATERS: Install tankless water heaters to enjoy fast water heating. These heaters work faster than the traditional ones taking less space, and do not require a tank. .
SOLAR WATER HEATERS: As the name suggests, solar water heaters use solar energy to heat water. Being an eco-friendly alternative, these solar water heaters are very cost-efficient, reducing 14%-18% of the entire energy cost. ..

CONVENTIONAL TANK WATER HEATERS: These water heating units are usually powered by electricity or natural gas. Conventional tank water heaters hold a maximum of 100 gallons of water.

Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance So you recently got a new water heating unit installed in your home? It is working in good condition, and you want it to stay working like that. No problem! GM EnerTech Corp offer routine water heater maintenance services across Long Island, New York, to prevent unexpected failures and hefty repair/replacement costs. We provide professional water heater inspection and maintenance services and routine flushes to keep your water heating unit in tip-top condition.